There will be stuff here soon (ish)... And alas! There finally is!

So, I've been trying to get more familiar with code in Adobe Flash. Going to start a new class this year hopefully and start learning new tricks in the program. Right now I've been making drawings for really fucked up games I have planned. This is a rough draft of one here, he is called the skin vacuum:


Here's a video of a cut scene. As you can see, the text was done in Movie Maker, but it's intentional! I want to confuse the player with different atmospheres at every turn in the game. The animation sequences are on their way. You shall see, my son....


Squid Ch. 2.wmv Squid Ch. 2.wmv
Size : 4310.522 Kb
Type : wmv

This is me farting and being retarded at a baseball game. Mostly for the sake of farting and being retarded at a baseball game.

More farts! Some of the best fart videos I've ever seen on the internet!

Credits go here:


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