sex: male

age: 1000

attitude: selfish/helpful

job: world's worst hero ever!

voiced/played by Michael Damato

info: The most lazy, lame excuse for a "hero" ever! He hates kids, he's easily amused by juvenile gags, and doesn't take his job too seriously. He is str8 but finds insect masturbation entertaining.


sex: male

age: 78

attitude: abusive/perverted

job: sensei 

voiced by Andrew Mead

info: Master Old-wing is sort of like John's father and mentor.


sex: male

age: 16

attitude: nice/helpful

job: scientist

voiced by Michael Damato

info: Woodrell is John's sidekick....sort of. He is a blob of some sort. Oliver and his wife found him as a baby and take their parenting very seriously.



sex: male

age: 46

attitude: gay/prejudice

job: unemployed

voiced by Michael Damato

info: A gay cyber spider who loves his son.....sexually! 


sex: female

age: 15

attitude: angry/disgusted

job: store counter 

voiced by Michael Damato

info: Became Woodrell's girlfriend in episode 3. That's about it.


sex: male

age: 16

attitude: neutral 

job: unemployed

voiced/played by Joshua Spurgin

info: This is John's neighbor. Although rarely seen, he is best known for going along with anything. Even if it involves John's dismay.



sex: male

age: unknown

attitude: random

job: school

voiced by Michael Damato

info: Just a random neighbor who is rarely seen. He has a tumor on his head which allows him to speak.



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